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The Way of The Free Souls

Around Easter, this year, Martin, Viktor and Mecho put up a new route at Vratsa’s Central wall, dedicating it to Kris, Momchi and Kamen – three dear friends who passed away while doing what they loved. Long ago we had the idea to honor them with something created with love, and the most logical thing was to do it while we are most free – climbing.
I couldn’t be there, working, being busy or something like that, I can’t remember now, but I was drawn again by the need to ensure my physical existence. This only gave me a heavy heart because I wanted to be part of creating The Way of The Free Souls, I felt as if I was unable to give the best of me honoring the boys.
Luckily there is another thing that makes me happy, another way for my soul to find freedom – photography. Two weeks later the same team went back on the route to try to free it and this time I was there to photograph it. And I was happy again.
I’d like to quote the last sentence of Victor’s wonderful writing regarding the route:
“And if by some astral logic your souls are leaving this world – there, at a favorite place of ours, there is The Way of The Free Souls. Use it. We made it for you. By the only may we know – with love.”

These photos are made in loving memory of Kris, Momchi and Kamen.


  1. Георги
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    Благодаря от сърце за тези думи, извиращи от сърцето, Рус. Видях отново лицата им и усетих енергията, която съм сигурен, че продължават да излъчват от една малко по-различна реалност :) След живота следва… живот! :) Прегръдки! <3

  2. elena
    Posted %A %B %e%q, %Y at %I:%M %p | #

    Отидоха си трима млади момчета!
    Да, необратимо е.
    Прекрасен текст, поздравявам Ви.
    Трябва да помним и обичаме приятелите си, те така или иначе живеят в нас.

  3. Petyo Savov
    Posted %A %B %e%q, %Y at %I:%M %p | #

    Думи излизащи от сърцето, снимки от очите.

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