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Recently I’m sport climbing in the weekends so there are a few photos of sport climbing action I would like to share with you.

The first gallery is with photos from the newest Bulgarian sport climbing crag that was bolted this spring. It is not a big one, up to now it has approx 20 routes, but there is still potential for 10-15 more. Still not a big crag, but definitely a high quality one. It is called Sinite Stegi and is in the region of Vratsa. The rock offers slightly overhanging, medium length and very technical routes. The place has a spectacular scenery with a view over the mountains and the small village of Zgorigrad in the valley below. The rock has the typical yellowish limestone color mixed with the blue stripes of the tufas. This by far is my favorite crag for sport climbing in Bulgaria, may be because I put a lot of efforts in bolting some of the routes there, or may be because of the amazing view, or may be both. Here are some photos from there, I hope you can feel the beauty of the place. The climbers in the photos are Ida Gandeva, Rumen Neshev and Ivajlo Krastev.

Sinite stegi

[img src=]180dsc_8882.jpg
[img src=]170dsc_8881a.jpg
[img src=]180dsc_8880.jpg
[img src=]180dsc_8876.jpg
[img src=]160dsc_8873.jpg
[img src=]170dsc_8870.jpg
[img src=]110dsc_8866.jpg
[img src=]110dsc_8862.jpg
[img src=]100dsc_8861.jpg
[img src=]90dsc_8858.jpg
[img src=]100dsc_8843.jpg
[img src=]100dsc_8887a.jpg
[img src=]100dsc_8013.jpg
[img src=]120dsc_8023.jpg
[img src=]130dsc_8091.jpg
[img src=]170dsc_8093.jpg
[img src=]150dsc_8108.jpg
[img src=]170dsc_8121.jpg

The next gallery is with photography from another small but very good sport climbing crag in Bulgaria – Ribaritsa. The place is even smaller – 11 routes only, but again a very good climbing on tufas. There is a specific route that for less than an year has tuned into one of Bulgaria’s classics – ┬áKing Kong 8a. The routes offers 20 meter climbing on amazing formations that were carved by the water in the limestone. I had this route in mind for a photo session and when I found out that one of Bulgaria’s most talented female rock climbers (Raina Grigorova) is working on it I arranged a shootout with her so I can capture her beauty, the route’s beauty and the beauty of the autumn forest all in one. Another reason is because I am constantly collecting photos for my annual rock climbing calendars. One of those photos will be featured in the calendar for 2012, but I am not telling which one!

Finally I present to you a few shots from yet another small but amazingly good sport climbing area in Bulgaria (seems like the best areas here are with just a few routes, but all of them pure gems!). The climbers are Mincho Petkov and Kiril Hristov on Chetprom 8a+ – the most classic route for Teteven – an area with 50m long routes!


[img src=]100dsc_9137.jpg
[img src=]120dsc_9140.jpg
[img src=]120dsc_9148.jpg
[img src=]110dsc_9151.jpg
[img src=]100dsc_9155.jpg
[img src=]100dsc_9156.jpg
[img src=]100dsc_9164.jpg
[img src=]100dsc_9185.jpg
[img src=]110dsc_9187.jpg
[img src=]100dsc_9194.jpg
[img src=]120dsc_9198.jpg
[img src=]100dsc_9203.jpg
[img src=]110dsc_9204.jpg
[img src=]100dsc_9206.jpg

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