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Skakavitsa Ice Climbing Competition photos.

The Bulgarian national ice climbing competition took place in the last weekend of January at the usual place – Visulkute icefall, Skakavitsa valley in Rila mountain. I was there to photograph the event and witnessed the nice weather, the perfect organization and the good competitive spirit among the climbers.

The first day, when the qualifications took place, I could not make it because I decided to take a day off and go skiing at Rila lakes, but as I understood later I haven’t missed much. Not that there was anything wrong with the competition, just that there has been a lot of fog which would have made photographing the event very hard and with not very good results. I went to Skakavitsa hut in Saturday evening so I could be up at the icefall first thing in Sunday morning. Thanks to the organizers there was a fixed rope for me which I could use to climb up and down to photograph the climbing on the final route. The weather was perfect – sunny, quiet and not too cold.

After spending a few hours hanging on the rope here are the results. Hope you enjoy the photos:

Skakavitsa 2011

[img src=]70dsc_0873.jpg
[img src=]50dsc_0876.jpg
[img src=]50dsc_0886.jpg
[img src=]50dsc_0892.jpg
[img src=]50dsc_0894.jpg
[img src=]50dsc_0895.jpg
[img src=]40dsc_0907.jpg
[img src=]50dsc_0912.jpg
[img src=]40dsc_0915.jpg
[img src=]50dsc_0916.jpg
[img src=]30dsc_0918.jpg
[img src=]30dsc_0930.jpg
[img src=]30dsc_0935.jpg
[img src=]30dsc_0947.jpg
[img src=]30dsc_0952.jpg
[img src=]40dsc_0954.jpg
[img src=]50dsc_0968.jpg
[img src=]50dsc_0972.jpg
[img src=]50dsc_0977.jpg
[img src=]50dsc_0986.jpg
[img src=]50dsc_0989.jpg
[img src=]50dsc_0992.jpg
[img src=]50dsc_1005.jpg
[img src=]50dsc_1012.jpg
[img src=]50dsc_1015.jpg
[img src=]50dsc_1022.jpg

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