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A short video for New Bulgarian Univeristy

There will be no climbing photography in this post, so I am sorry if I disappoint some of you. However, I had an interesting assignment a few weeks ago about filming and editing a short promotional video for New Bulgarian University, that I’d like to share.

I’m not into video very much, my passion is still photography so when I was first contacted for this assignment I said “no”. I few days later after having some thoughts over it and sharing them with my friend Todor Zuboff (may thanks about the tips and the simple ideas that turned out to be great) I decided to expand my horizons and take the challenge.

Luckily when I called back the video assignment was still free. I had a very friendly and productive meeting with the NBU guys where they showed me their ideas and vision about the video. It looked like an easy and pleasant task to do plus the challenge to create a video, so it wasn’t hard for me to turn into psyche mode and head into the job with great passion.

The idea was for a 30 seconds video that would be published on websites and local cable networks (won’t be on air nationally unfortunately). So the challenge was to film 7-8 scenes, 3-4 seconds each, where there should be enough information so the viewer can comprehend easily and get the idea. On each scene there was to be a short text that would motivate young people to choose this university and make them recognize themselves in such a friendly environment that the university offers. My task was to only shoot and edit the video and I didn’t have to deal with text and scenario. I was told which locations to shoot at, but I had the creative freedom to choose my angle, light and details. For that I’d like to thank the NBU guys for letting me be creative and imply my vision, instead of being pretentious and having tons of crazy ideas that would make the final result look like a home video.

For the video shooting I used a Nikon D300s and a tripod. Just that. The budget was very limited and there was no time nor room for any cranes, camera stabilizing systems or any other special equipment. The idea was “make it fast, keep it simple” and so is my credo. I like this style of work where with minimum resources you can have maximum result.

It took me half a day to go around the university and shoot the scenes I had to. Then it took me two working days in total to make the editing and fine tuning so client would be absolutely happy with the final video.

In the near future there should be more videos like this for NBU which will be shot and edited by me. The whole concept looks very interesting and challenging, so I am looking forward to the next assignments. Here is the video itself:


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    Thanks Milena, there are other things in this world indeed. Some more are coming up!

  2. milena georgieva
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    just’ve seen the video. pleasantly surprised by the professional touch. not everything revolves around climbing (thank God!).
    keep them coming!

  3. Jorkata
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    Very well done,Rus !!! Keep up the good work my !!! Best Regards !!! :-))

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