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It has been a long time since I was out shooting pictures just for fun in my free time. The last weekend I had the chance to make some good lifestyle photos in the mountain, while having some quality time with my mates.

We were in Rila mountain, above Rila Monastery and we were looking for a nice and quite place to camp before going bouldering the next day. So we drove a few kilometers up a dirt road, searching for solitude, away from civilization, noisy people, and city dirt. Finally we found a nice green meadow among giant pine trees and two small winding rivers. If it wasn’t the millions of mosquitoes it would have been a paradise place.

On the way up we found quite a lot reminisces of the civilization we were trying to escape – old huts, abandoned hunting bivouacs and a lot of old electric poles which were not used for the past 10-15 years. One of those poles was leaning above the road, obviously crushed by a spring avalanche. That pole gave me some ideas for making some fun lifestyle photos and after quickly sitting up the camp I convinced my friends to rush to the pole and have some fun making pictures instead of sitting at the camp and being slowly eaten buy the giant hungry mosquitoes.

The time was limited because the evening was approaching fast and the ambiance light was getting less and less, so I had to act fast if I wanted to make the photos with the desired effect. I put up the two flashes and made some quick test shots and so the fun began. We were all having a wonderful time, a lot of laugh and all that positive energy helped everyone for the good results. Everyone was giving ideas for the photos and putting a lot into it (for which I am very thankful) but finally it got too dark so we had to abort and retreat to the camp where we had chilled beer and lifesaving mosquito repellents.

Here are some of the photos I made this evening.


Boulderers having fun in their spare time.

[img src=]30dsc_8381.jpg
[img src=]20dsc_8383.jpg
[img src=]20dsc_8384.jpg
[img src=]20dsc_8389.jpg
[img src=]20dsc_8391.jpg
[img src=]30dsc_8396.jpg
[img src=]30dsc_8400.jpg
[img src=]20dsc_8403.jpg
[img src=]30dsc_8405.jpg
[img src=]20dsc_8407.jpg
[img src=]20dsc_8408.jpg
[img src=]10dsc_8411.jpg
[img src=]30dsc_8415.jpg
[img src=]20dsc_8416.jpg
[img src=]30dsc_8420.jpg
[img src=]20dsc_8423.jpg
[img src=]30dsc_8428.jpg
[img src=]30dsc_8433.jpg
[img src=]40dsc_8438.jpg

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    снимките са много хубави. Разгледах ги с удоволствие и малко съжалявам, че не съм бил с вас. Определено си майстор в снимането на Lifestyle

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