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It has been a short 5 day trip to the north coast of the Black Sea, where the Bulgarian deep water soloing is located – the village of Tyulenovo. There were two main objectives for me this year – the one was to have a nice vacation with my friends, and the other was to hunt for new photos that might get in the climbing calendar for 2012.

Indeed I had a wonderful time climbing, hanging around, swimming, and mud fighting with my friends. It hasn’t been so much joy for me in years. Too bad that I had to go back to Sofia so soon and couldn’t stay for another 5 days. Anyway, a nice vacation – check!

Objective 2 – hunting for photos. My main goal was to find one or two locations where a nice female climber could be photographed so I could have at least one photo suitable for the next Climbing calendar. This year it will be girls only as in 2010, so it was girls only I was after.

First I found a small beautiful cave which had a route going through its arch. The route caught my eye and luckily it was under attack by a few girls, trying to redpoint it. It was easy for photographing as it did not require any rope access, all I had to do was to adjust my strobes and get the best ratio between artificial and natural light. The cave was rather dark and if I wanted to shoot with only natural light it would mean to bump up the ISO and risk to have too grainy photos. So I asked Kristina – a young photographer, to assist me in positioning and adjusting the strobes, made a few test shots and I was ready for action. There were two girls willing to climb in front of the camera for the photos – Silviya and Elka, both strong and beautiful climbers.

I love Elka’s photos. But they don’t carry the spirit of the deep water soloing that I wanted to capture, there was no action in them, and Elka looked more like a super model that was somehow stuck to the rock, posing for the photos, rather than a climber struggling with the route. Even if the photos satisfy me technically and Elka looks hot and beautiful I regret to say that her photos would not make it to the calendar for 2012. However Silviya’s photos are exactly what I needed. The girl was climbing hard, fighting with the rock and this time I think I managed to capture the action, the drama in her climb. So, what I had as a result was exactly what I was looking for. See for yourself in the following gallery.

The next day another route was under siege by the girls – one of the most climbed and the most beautiful routes there – Mazniana, graded 7b. There I got photos of Elka, Ida and Genoveva. Beautiful girls on a beautiful route – my task was too easy, all I had to do is hit the trigger for some great photos. One of those shots is very likely to make it to the calendar, I am yet to decide which one exactly. Anyway, nice photos of girls climbing – check!

Some of the next photos are with guys climbing, others are with girls again, but they all lacked something and won’t make it to the calendar. Most of them have everything – composition, drama, action, surrounding, a beautiful girl climbing, but they all lack a visible face of the climber. Some of those photos would have been my first choice for a calendar photo if they had the girl’s face, but since they don’t I can’t put them in the calendar. See for yourself.

Other deep water soloing

[img src=]340Todor Zuboff
[img src=]390Todor Zuboff
[img src=]430Emilian Kolevski
[img src=]420Emilian Kolevski
[img src=]390Emilian Kolevski
[img src=]470Neli Chukurlieva
[img src=]540Neli Chukurlieva
[img src=]520Neli Chukurlieva
[img src=]450Ida Gandeva
[img src=]460Genoveva Mihaylova
[img src=]430Genoveva Mihaylova
[img src=]480Kosio
[img src=]440unknown austrian climber
[img src=]450Genoveva Mihaylova
[img src=]500Genoveva Mihaylova

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