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Emborrachando al hijo, 9a

Dani Andrada photos on a 9a route, Rodellar

All this happened in October 2009, while some friends and I were on a climbing trip in Rodellar, so it is a bit outdated, but here is a short story plus some photos.

One evening, while chilling out in the Kalandraka refugio Dani Andrada arrived and shortly after we were introduced to each other.  He told me he was here to check out some newly bolted routes and probably do some bolting himself. So the next day I met him at the cliffs whit a drilling machine, bolting in the roof of the sector Las Ventanas del Mascun. Dani explained that he has a project, linking all the hard routes in the cave and resulting in 30 meters of roof climbing through the cruxes of numerous routes in the 8th grade. So what he did was to add another 3-4 bolts and the route was ready for climbing. When asked about the grade he said that it is about 9a, so it was promising to be an interesting climb to watch. Luckily I had my camera with me so I asked him if he is OK if I made some photos of him, and of coerce he was up to it.

The cave was a dark place, with a lot of light outside of it, so using some extra lightning was a necessity. Luckily, the roof of the cave was not that high from the ground and there were places in the cave which allowed me to stand up higher and almost at the level of the climb, so the photos would not result in a  some boring ground-up-ass shots of Dani and it was not really necessary to place myself somewhere in the roof, hanging on a bolt. Plus I was mobile and could change my position and the position of my flashes.

So, I turned on my mobile voice controlled tripod (aka Iva – my girlfriend), adjusted the external flash and started the shootout while Dani was climbing. It was a long climb with a lot of shakeout positions, which gave me the chance to move around and photograph the climb from different positions.

The actual send of the route happened the next day, but I did not need another shootout of the climb as the first one was absolutely successful and me very happy with the results. I would not do that good without the help of my special voice controlled tripod, so thank you Iva!

So here are the photos of Dani Andrada on the route Emborrachando al hijo, graded 9a.


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    I’ll think of a million fun approaches to read the articles or blog posts on this site.

  2. Posted %A %B %e%q, %Y at %I:%M %p | #

    Само гледайки тези невероятни снимки ми става лошо и вестибулярният апарат или както там се казва това,което отговаря за равновесието ми започва да дава силни отклонения,пък камо ли ако се кача и се опитам аз да изкача това място ще бъде пълна лудост и доста адреналинесто.Радвам се че ни пишете и се надявам да продължавате да го правите.Блога ви е страхотен и често го посещавам вече.Всичко изглежда доста опасно и малко студено а те добре са се съблекли.Снимките са за списание направо.

  3. Светльо
    Posted %A %B %e%q, %Y at %I:%M %p | #

    …грешка съм допуснал,
    дочух че тук също катерил…
    сега видях… описанието ти, че се отнася за Родеяр, Испания
    -това обаче не променя с нищо Уникалността на снимките !

  4. UBIGI
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    На нашите скали с извънземни маршрути и извънземни катерачи е необходим само извънземен фотограф, пренебрегващ границите на своето желание и земното притегляне и готов да улови моментите на симбиоза между катерача и маршрута улавяйки и околната панорама!

    Поздравления, за пореден път 😉 !!

  5. Posted %A %B %e%q, %Y at %I:%M %p | #

    ами то като снимаш извънземни катерачи те снимките си стават такива, хаха!

  6. Светльо
    Posted %A %B %e%q, %Y at %I:%M %p | #

    verry very nice !
    тия снимки са извънземни !!

  7. x3
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    very very nice photos! keep up the good work man!

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