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Rock Divas climbing calendar 2012

For the third year in a row I am making and distributing a rock climbing calendar. This years calendar is called Rock Divas and has exclusively photos of female rock climbers, all from Bulgaria. All the photos are made by me and all but two are taken at Bulgarian climbing crags – Ribaritsa, Skakavitca Ice Fall, Komini, Bozenitsa, Tyulenovo, Maliovitsa, Vratsa and Borovets. One is from Bafa Lake, Turkey and another is from Mouzaki, Greece.

The calendar has twelve inside pages and two covers, the size is 34х48 cm. On each page there is a different photo 27×34 cm, and the rest of the space is for the calendar itself. Unlike previous years I have left more space on each page for the days of the month in order to increase the usefulness of the calendar. Now there is more room for you to put your notes, mark the important dates or write down important stuff.


The Rock Divas Calendar 2012 has its emphases is on the climbing girl’s beauty. It is not about the grade, it is not about the fame.  All that matters for me as a climbing photographer is to capture the moments that make our sport so spectacular. Some of these moments are when a beautiful girl is climbing a beautiful line, no matter the grade or the ascent.

Have you asked your self why are you so in love with climbing? I am sure there are many reasons, but on the pages of the Rock Divas climbing calendar you will find at least twelve of them. Here I am sharing with you my passion and the way I see it through the lens of my camera.

Thea beauty is all around us and it will save the world.

Rock Divas calendar 2012

[img src=]120014p_002_katerachen_kalendar_2012
[img src=]107014p_003_katerachen_kalendar_2012
[img src=]107014p_003_katerachen_kalendar_2011
[img src=]100014p_005_katerachen_kalendar_2012
[img src=]128014p_005_katerachen_kalendar_2012
[img src=]98014p_005_katerachen_kalendar_2012
[img src=]107014p_005_katerachen_kalendar_2012
[img src=]110014p_005_katerachen_kalendar_2012
[img src=]107014p_010_katerachen_kalendar_2012
[img src=]105014p_011_katerachen_kalendar_2012
[img src=]101014p_010_katerachen_kalendar_2012
[img src=]86014p_010_katerachen_kalendar_2012

This years logo on the calendar is of King Kong climbing walls – a UK based climbing wall and climbing holds manufacturer.

The Rock Divas Calendar 2012 is on sale in the UK, France and Bulgaria.

For the UK – King Kong climbing walls

For France –

For Bulgaria –,,,,,, NSA climbing wall, Gravity climbing wall, Sofia University climbing wall


  1. Posted %A %B %e%q, %Y at %I:%M %p | #

    За съжаление календар за 2013 година няма да има. Причината е финансова.

  2. Posted %A %B %e%q, %Y at %I:%M %p | #

    Дали се прави календар и за идната година?
    Ако има такъв то гарантирано ще “инсталирам” широка усмивка на един познат.

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