Rock Climbing Photography
Sequence 01.Still001

BASE jump

(following the story about sending Thin Red Line)

And he sends it.

In the meantime stones start falling down. I look up and see a head throwing stones into the couloir and watching at its watch.

Minutes later I reach the ledge before the final easy pitch and I hear from above: “Maaan! How are ya?”; “Did Emo send it?”; “Is there wind in the couloir?”; “Where did you put the toilet paper?”. While we have this conversation with shouting I pull myself up at the top of the wall, full of cramps in my arms and my back from the jumaring. There I am welcomed by Ivo Ninov and Cajko.

“Man, are you going tomorrow with Emo for the project? I am thinking to jump from the top of the wall. But I am not coming with you, I will leave the same morning from Sofia, I have only my shoot to carry, there is no point to leave the night before.” That is what Ivo tells me the day before we leave for Malyovitsa. Great, I say to myself. If I manage to photograph this as well the day will be on 200%! “Please, put a 2 m piece of toilet paper on a pole at the base of the wall so I can see how strong is the wind and its direction. No problem, while we wait for Marto to adjust the messed up ropes I install the improvised weathercock.

Indeed Ivo is here with his shoot and his helmet. I tell him the story about Emo’s send and we start chatting about stuff. In the meanwhile he throws another stone counting the seconds to confirm his calculations. I tell him that there is no wind at the base, but I have no chance to show him the weathercock as it is like a small speck in the couloir. I tell him where is the flattest place for landing is if the word “flat” can be used. He is not jumping, I tell to myself. No way. It is dreadful down there, very narrow and steep. If he jumps he is crazy. He will back of, for sure. That is what my sanity sais.

The climbers are still on the wall and all of a sudden Ivo says: “I am not waiting for them. I am jumping.” What? Are you for real? Obviously he is for real, watching him put on his shoot and helmet.

“Ok, then, hold on for a minute to shoot some footage. It might be your last one”. Me and my black humor. I take an interview, shoot him visualize his jump, we fix the cameras on the helmet, I position myself at the edge to capture the jump…

„One, two, three, see ya!”

The silence is shred by the boom-sound of the opening shoot, followed by the mighty cheers of Emo, Marto and Krasi, who just saw Ivo’s body flash above their heads. Silence again, as everyone just realizes that the jump ain’t over till it’s over.

Fifteen seconds later the valley bursts in cheers again, because Ivo has just landed as a kitten to accomplish the first BASE jump in the Bulgarian mountains and to fulfill his six years old dream.

And as Cajko says: “Complete nutter, ah?”

Oh, yes.

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  1. Ellie
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    Moved to tears. “Браво” е прекалено нищожна дума. m(__)m

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