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Дистанционно обучение в Нов български университет

Another short video for NBU

My second promotional video for New Bulgarian University is out now. All about the first one you can read in the post A short video for NBU

This time the goal of the video is to promote the program for remote education. The idea for the shots was to include more people, more close-ups and to recreate different situations where the remote education could be successful and necessary – to show that this type of education can help one to stay in his family environment, to keep his daily routine and to adjust the process of learning according to his spare time.

The scenarios for the first video was not of my concern and I had to shoot at whatever I was told. For the second video though the scenario was my responsibility. The NBU guys gave me just some key words for the different scenes and I had to think of the actual scenes and the shooting locations. This made the task much harder but also much more interesting. Once again I had the full creative freedom to choose my angle, light and details and I had the chance to make the video the way I see it and to unleash all my imagination. This made the assignment one of the best I have ever done. For that I’d like to thank to my client.

For the video shooting I used again Nikon D300s and a tripod but this time I decided to use an additional gadget – for some of the scenes I used a slider dolly which I think gave the video a big quality boost.

There is nothing more that I can share apart form that the job took me one shooting day and one editing day. It was an easy and pleasant task, mostly because of the people I had the pleasure to work with. Thank you guys.

Here is the video:

Remote eduncation in New Bulgarian University

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