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The virtual reality panoramic photography gives you much more than the simple imagery, allowing your clients and the visitors of your web site to have a better look at your site/hotel/house/product. The 360° Virtual Reality panorama gives your clients the opportunity to see your site from all sides and angles, controlling their virtual tour by themselves. The ability to interact with the panorama leaves the viewer with a much better impression putting aside any doubts or misunderstandings about the observed site/object.

The 360° VR panoramas are a powerful marketing and advertising tool with many options and flexible solutions for the best presentation of your site/product. These panoramas allow embedding audio, company logos, custom cursors and buttons, name tags, information tags, slogans, links to web pages or other panoramas, etc.

With panoramas it is very easy to create an outstanding “virtual tour” for your clients. A limitless number of panoramas can be linked in a virtual tour allowing the viewer to easily jump from one panorama to another. If your site/product is impressive there is no better way of showing this to your client.

These 360° panoramas and virtual tours are suitable for hotels, real estate agencies, museums, restaurants, attraction parks, sport halls and wedding centers.

The output format of the VR panoramas can be MOV file (Quicktime format) or SWF file (Flash format). I would recommend the flash files as they are more flexible and give wider possibilities for customizing the final panorama.

If you have any questions regarding the 360° Virtual reality panoramas or you are interested in hiring my services, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Here you will find some of my 360° VR panoramas which I have created for various clients.

Private house, Lago di Lugano, Italy

Mantova climbing gym, Italy

Brimingham Exibition Centre, Birmingham, UK

Salmisaari climbing gym, Helsinki, Finland

NSA climbing gym, Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia University climbing gym, Sofia, Bulgaria

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