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360° panorama photography

I am just back from an assignment by Walltopia climbing walls to photograph some of their latest masterpiece artificial climbing walls. Nothing interesting you would say, and you will be wright, it is just some boring photos of indoor gyms, so I will not be bothering with these.

However, the interesting part of the assignment was creating  360 degree QTVR panoramas for each gym I go. Here is the panorama from the local gym.

use Ctrl and Shift for zoom in and zoom out

After Helsinki I went to Mantova and Milano, Italy. The gym in Milano was built in a way that a 360° panorama would not do any work so I did not make one, but the climbing wall in Mantova was perfect for the purpose. So here it is:

Later on I had to chance to make a quick job for an Italian real estate company in the region of Lago di Lugano. They needed a QTVR panorama of the main hall room of a house that was for sale, so I made it quick and easy in just 30 min. A good side job in the last minute. Here is the panorama:

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